Invitation to the Swiss Economic Forum

By July 10, 2014Blog

Sunnie Groeneveld, Managing Partner of Inspire 925 and Maria Ploumaki, Advisory Board Member of Inspire 925, at the Swiss Economic Forum together.

On June 5th and 6th, 2014 the NZZ Mediengruppe invited 50 top business women in Switzerland to the Swiss Economic Forum within the context of their Gender 50/50 platform. Our founder and Managing Partner, Sunnie J. Groeneveld was one of them. At Switzerland’s most important business event, she joined 1350 entrepreneurs, business leaders, politicians, and eminent personalities from the world of science and the media who meet for the purpose of actively exchanging ideas and engaging in dialog across industry sectors.

Asked about her personal highlight, Sunnie refers to the break-out session “Courage to Take Risks” by Allianz. The key questions of the session were: How consciously do we perceive risks? How do we deal with this trade-off in our jobs and our everyday lives? And to what extent does the need for security and predictability influence our actions? These issues were discussed by Daniel Bloch (CEO and Chairman of the BoD of Chocolats Camille Bloch SA), Prof. Dr Thierry Carrel (heart surgeon), Gabriela Manser (CEO and Chairman of the BoD of Mineralquelle Gontenbad AG), Ueli Steck (extreme climber) and Severin Moser (CEO of Allianz Suisse).

In the video below, you find a quick review of the break-out session as well as footage that shows the responses of each participant to Sunnie’s questions: “What inspires you take risks?”

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