How We Help Our Clients Succeed

Strategy Consulting

We consult clients in transformation projects, and help them intentionally design and shift their culture to support the change while enabling the company’s overarching strategy. In everything we do, we take a human-centered approach.  Read more >>

Digital Solutions

Scale change sustainably across your organization through digital solutions. We identify and implement customizable digital solutions that have a proven track record in increasing employee engagement, collaboration and innovation. Read more >>

Innovation Formats

We help our clients foster innovation through an outside-in approach: We connect them to an ecosystem of external innovators, empower their company to adopt more agile ways of working and redesign their employee experience. Read more >>

Our Approach

From concept to completion: Making your change initiative happen systematically in five steps.

  • Conceptualizing Change

    Through a workshop with the relevant stakeholders we assess the status quo, understand the client’s objectives and develop a tailored change concept.

  • Pilot

    We test the concept in a representative pilot group, use the learnings to optimize the roll-out procedure and build a network of internal change ambassadors.

  • Roll-out

    We prepare the communications campaign and support the client throughout the company-wide roll-out of the change initiative.

  • Establishment

    We advise and implement tried-and-tested activities based on our book “Inspired at Work” which all contribute towards the sustainable establishment of the change initiative.

  • Completion

    We document organisational learnings of the change initiative in our customized guidebook and train internal champions to continue driving the initiative forward.

How Our Consulting Services Help Clients Succeed in Digital Transformation


We consult business leaders in strategy development and implementation related to innovation, digital transformation and organizational change. Taking an outside-in perspective, we help our clients understand what drives change and how to implement it sustainably.

Digital Culture Strategy

We work with clients to co-create a digital culture that makes their organization at every level more agile, collaborative and innovative. We help them to strategically shift their culture to support digital change and work across teams and hierarchies to ensure an effective roll-out procedure.

Internal Change Campaigns

Every major change requires an internal campaigning effort. We design the storytelling strategy, co-create the narrative and work with Gapingvoid to illustrate our client’s objectives through art with culture messages. Gapingvoid is an award-winning design studio from Miami, U.S.A.

Change Agent Networks

Sustainable change depends on building effective networks of internal change agents. Based on our three step approach of “Identity”, “Experience” and “Structure” we help our clients build strong networks of employees who embrace change early and promote it among their colleagues.

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