The Zurich Edition of Ignite – What delight!

By October 7, 2014Blog

The Ignite Zurich Conference 

This past Friday our founder Sunnie Groeneveld was invited to speak at Ignite Zurich, a innovative event format that originated in Seattle, USA and now is held regularly in cities around the world. The event’s tagline is: “Enlighten us, but make it quick!” In Ignite each speaker gets 5 minutes, and must use 20 slides with each slide advancing automatically after 15 seconds, forcing speakers to get the point, fast.

Ignite Zurich featured 10 fast-paced, fun, thought-provoking, eye-opening talks that spanned a broad spectrum of topics ranging from self-publishing vs. publishing your own book, anecdotes of personal growth, leadership lessons from India as well as advice on how to give a persuasive speech and of course Sunnie’s talk “Ignite Inspiration at Work.”   In it, she revealed for the first time the final design of the cover of her brand new book “Inspired at Work – 66 Ideen für mehr Engagement und Innovation im Unternehmen” which she co-authored with Inspire 925 advisor Christoph Küffer.

We definitely recommend attending the next edition. The event was a delightful experience from beginning to end! The venue at Colab Zurich offers a cozy vintage feel. It’s the kind of place that’s inherently inviting; one where conversations and idea exchanges come easy. This feeling was also nurtured by Miki Adderley, organizer of Ignite Zurich who moderated the evening in a way that – true to its name – ignited people to  engage with speakers and fellow attendees alike. The final and most important ingredient, however, that made the evening such a delight were the people itself. It was an  open-minded and very diverse crowd with one thing in common: Everyone had a curious mind and was excited to be here. You could feel it when speaking on stage, but also in the simple moments of waiting in line for a drink or striking up a conversation with the stranger sitting next to you.  What delight, indeed!

For more information about this innovative event format or if you would like to watch some of the Ignite talks on video, visit their official website. If you would like to stay up to date with Ignite Zurich, follow them on their facebook page

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