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26.2.2014, Zurich, Spheres Café & Bar – The famous literary, Annie Dillard once wrote, “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” As one of my favorite quotes, it served yesterday as the opening line when I addressed the Career Excellence Network at Spheres Café. What followed was a talk on “11 Recipes for More Inspiration at Work” which I had put together for a highly diverse audience. The Career Excellence Network is a meet-up group that brings together expat professionals across sectors and industries who are eager to learn and discuss career-related subjects linked to the job world in Switzerland. In my talk, I mainly addressed the question: “What concrete things can professionals do to increase the level of engagement and inspiration in their day-to-day work regardless of  their cultural background, their industry and their career level?”


Since the crowd was diverse, I focused the talk around recipes that are widely applicable and fast to implement on an individual level and within most types of work environments (i.e. they don’t require financial resources nor any management sign-offs). For example, one recipe was: the next time someone asks you for a meeting over coffee, suggest going for a walk instead. The fresh air and movement might just lead to better results alongside an increase in health and well-being. Or, find out what your strengths are by taking the VIA Survey of Character Strengths  (takes 20min) and then look for ways to use as many of them as possible in your daily work experience. According to the research of our advisor, psychology professor Willibald Ruch, finding ways to applying more of your character strengths in your daily work experience will give you a more positive work experience.

In regards to the objective of fast implementation, I received some great instant feedback from the founders of the Swiss design blog via twitter:

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If you would like to have me present as a speaker on topics related to inspiration, innovation and engagement at the workplace at your upcoming conference or company event, please get in touch.

Details about the  Career Excellence Network, their next events and how you can join can be found here.

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