We help you scale change across your organization through digital solutions.

 Recommended Digital Solutions

We have reviewed and worked with numerous digital solutions in the HR tech sector and found the following solutions to deliver a high impact on employee performance in digital transformation projects.

Building Employee Communities

Beekeeper‘s Mobile Application

Beekeeper connects desk and non-desk employees across locations and departments in real time via mobile or desktop app. Secure, automated and relevant information is instantly available, searchable, and measurable for the entire workforce.

Fostering Employee Connectivity

Connect Your Employees Better

LunchLottery offers enterprise clients a cloud solution that connects employees informally for lunch. It enables organizations to bridge the gap between hierarchies and departments. Through smart matching algorithms organizations can design serendipity and tailor the chance encounters according to their preferences.

Improving Employee Health

Provata’s Health Application

The state of the art platform is pushing the limits of digital health with gorgeous design and groundbreaking innovative features such as digital health games, virtual reality meditation, real-time access to a network of over 80,000 U.S. licensed physicians, health coaching, advanced activity tracking, and data integrations from providers, labs, pharmacies, devices, and apps.

Build Your Company Brain

Starmind Creates Corporate Brains

Powered by artificial intelligence, Starmind enables employees to access the entire organisation’s knowhow and dynamically map company expertise. When an employee types in a question, the software application identifies the relevant internal documentation and expert. Among clients, Starmind is known as the ultimate “Corporate Brain.”